Phoenician Shipwreck Located off Coast of Malta

Maritime archaeologists have discovered what may be the oldest shipwreck found thus far in the central Mediterranean—cargo from a Phoenician boat dating to about 700 B.C.E. Diving almost 400 feet down about a mile off the Maltese island of Gozo, the archaeologists found 50 amphorae and 20 lava grinding stones. The exact location of the shipwreck […]

Phoenician wreck is underwater world of discovery

Exploring the Phoenician Shipwreck off Xlendi is the latest Heritage Malta exhibition highlighting discoveries from an innovative underwater project. The exhibition focuses on the discovery of a Phoenician shipwreck which dates back to 700BC. Discovered off Xlendi in 2007 at a depth of 110 metres, this intriguing ancient vessel has attracted worldwide attention since it […]

Exploring the Phoenician Shipwreck off Xlendi, Gozo

For over 10 years, the University of Malta has, in collaboration with a number of partners, used state of the art technologies to study and explore one of the most exciting underwater archaeological discoveries in the Central Mediterranean. This exhibition highlights some of the innovative techniques used as well as stories of trade, exchange, production […]

Into the deep with the Phoenician Shipwreck excavation

The Malta Airport Foundation is also supporting the ongoing excavation of a Phoenician shipwreck just off Xlendi bay in Gozo. Dating back to the 7th century BC, the wreck was discovered in 2007 and is just the eighth archaic Phoenician shipwreck to be located. Read Full Article

2,700-Year-Old Phoenician Shipwreck Discovered

An ancient Phoenician shipwreck found off the coast of Malta may be the oldest ever discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. The discovery was made several months ago one mile off the coast of Gozo Island, the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Nearly 400 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, researchers located a […]

Excavating a Phoenician shipwreck off the coast of Gozo, Malta

The Phoenicians occupied the coast of the Levant for over 1,000 years, but knowledge of their trade network and practices remains elusive. In 2007, an ancient wreck containing a large cache of ceramic containers was discovered off Malta. This ship proved to be one of only a handful of known Phoenician vessels. Since 2014, further […]

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